Air Negative Ion Concentration Detector

Onetest-502xp adopts coaxial cylindrical electrode design, which has the advantages of stable sampling air flow, uniform ion distribution measurement, strong anti-interference ability and so on
  • Testador de íon negativo ONETEST-502XPDownload
1、 Product brief introduction
This instrument adopts coaxial cylinder electrode design, with the advantages of stable sampling airflow, uniform ion distribution measurement and strong anti-interference ability. It can accurately measure the positive and negative ions from the small particle size in the natural air and the high concentration of negative ion generator and its products, and show the grade of air quality, which is used to measure the air quality more comprehensively. This instrument has built-in large-capacity charging battery and DC12V power adapter, which can be used for outdoor long-time measurement, and optional i Cloud platform monitoring service, used for monitoring and transmission anytime and anywhere.

2、product features
1. Have the function of measuring positive and negative ions; gear switching
2.the shell adopts a special oxidation process with good environmental adaptability
3.high measurement accuracy, sensitive response,strong anti-interference ability;
4. The RS232 data output can be added to connect to the data management platform
5. On the LED screen display, the average measurement and the maximum measurement are presented simultaneously
Product color: wathet
outline dimension: Length 19.6 width 16.6 H 6.8 (cm)
weight: 1.3kg
Detection ion: Positive and negative ions, temperature, humidity in the air
measuring principle: Coaxial cylinder type capacitance type
measurement range:
resolution ratio:
anion temperature humidity Fresh grade
0-2 million / cm3  -2050℃ 0-100%RH Level 1-6
One 0.1℃ 1%RH -
mobility: 0.6cm2/V. S (ecological small particle size ion)
LCD be in a poor light: have
Mean measurement: Meverage measurement function (10 seconds, can be customized according to user needs.
Maximum retention: have
Determination accuracy: ±10%
source: AC220V@DC12V1A and built-in 8000 mA battery pack
apolegamy: RS232 data output, portable battery + charger, DT-10 data recorder


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