Onetest-500xp coaxial double cylindrical precision negative ion recorder

Onetest-500xp precision negative ion recorder is applicable to the evaluation of forestry, meteorology, ecology and living environment and the detection of the same commodities.
Overview of Precision Negative Ion Recorder
    ONETEST-500XP precision negative ion recorder is manufactured and designed according to the "most accurate coaxial double cylinder type" in the Japanese JIS ion in air Densitometry pointer draft. Compared with the flat plate type ion detector on the market, the accuracy is greatly improved. With RS232 data output, it can record, analyze and print the measured data using a dedicated computer recording analysis piece, which is suitable for forestry, meteorology, ecology Assessment of living environment and testing of identical products.

Characteristics of precision negative ion recorder
International standard for using coaxial double cylindrical sensors
Equipped with upper computer software for real-time curve drawing and average calculation
Equipped with RS232 output function and optional Wanyi Technology cloud platform
Equipped with a portable aluminum alloy box for easy travel and can be paired with a tripod
Product color: wathet
outline dimension: Length 28.5 (including protrusion) width 10 height 11.5 (cm)
repeat measure: About 2.5 Kg
Detection ion: Positive and negative ions, temperature, humidity in air
measuring principle: Coaxial binary cylinder type of the Gildine capacitor method
measurement range:
resolution ratio:
anion temperature humidity
0-5 million / cm3 -2060℃ 0-99%RH
1 with one / cm3 1℃ 5%RH
mobility: 0.7c m2/V.S e c
numeric output: Serial Communication Output (RS-232)
sampling time: 10 Times / second
Measurement display time: Three times / second
Determination accuracy: ±5%
zero adjustment: The software adjusts the system and can remotely adjust the zero
apparent show: Two rows of 16-bit STN LCD for indication display. Lighting control device with a backlight.
memory function: It can store 300 million data, and download the stored data containing the time and date.
Calibration function: The instrument can be calibrated using software or remotely
soft piece: Dedicated computer software, real-time curve and average export data
work environment: Temperature: -20~60℃ Humidity: 0-95% RH (no condensation)
electricity source: DC12V Battery and charger, AC100-240V@DC12V power supply

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