In 2006, based on China ’s first "Indoor Air Quality Standards", Longhua Lianchuang Electronic Instrument Store was established in Longhua, Shenzhen
       The main agent sells domestic and foreign instruments, and cooperates with many well-known instrument companies in the United States, representing the US ESC gas detector
       National Interscan gas detector and American ALPHALAB negative ion detector;
In 2007, the company distributed Japan COM Co., Ltd. (company) negative ion detector and Japan KEC Co., Ltd. Germany Gamma-scout radiation detector,
In 2008, cooperated with American ESTSENSORS environmental sensor technology company and acted as agent for EST-1000 and EST-2000 series portable gas detectors
In 2009, provided negative ion detector equipment for Zhejiang Forestry Research Institute, and successively provided equipment to county-level forestry bureaus such as Lishui City Forestry Bureau
In 2010, acted as an agent for the EMS-302 far-infrared emissivity detector product of Taiwan HOTECH Company
In 2011, Shenzhen Wanyi Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established and provided equipment for the Standardization Research Institute of China Textile Research Institute to formulate the "Far Infrared Performance and Evaluation of Textile Health Products" standard.
In 2012, Wanyi Technology established a production and R & D base, mainly in cooperation with the US ESTSENSORS company to produce gas detectors
In 2013, acted as distributor for TSS-5X far-infrared emissivity detector product of Japan JanpanSensor Company
Launched indoor air quality detector products
In 2014, Wanyi Technology KEC900 + negative ion detector was officially put on the market and launched a variety of range specifications
 ONETES-200 negative ion detector launched
In 2015, ONETEST-500 Negative Ion Recorder was released and obtained the Negative Oxygen Ion Recorder Software Copyright Registration Certificate
In the same year, ONETEST-500XP negative ion online monitoring system was launched
In 2016, obtained the agent right of the ultrasonic cutter and ultrasonic sound pressure gauge product of Taiwan Huibai Company, and launched the air quality monitoring cloud platform
In 2017, the EST-10 portable gas detector was launched, China ’s first solid negative ion detector IT-10 was launched, and the ONETEST-106 series online air quality monitoring system was launched
In 2018, the MR-50 series of radiation detectors was launched,
In 2019, won the Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise, launched the water quality online monitoring system, water quality monitoring cloud platform in the same year
In 2020, won the national high-tech enterprise. We are constantly striving to provide customers with more perfect products and services, and to provide customers with solutions to the greatest extent.
Ongoing: China Meteorological Administration on negative oxygen ions
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