Onetest-101aq indoor comfort detector can be equipped with optional meteorological parameter monitoring.

Onetest-101aq indoor environment comfort tester is a comprehensive testing instrument used to measure indoor environment
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Overview of indoor environment comfort tester
       Onetest-101aq indoor environmental comfort detector is a comprehensive detection instrument used to measure the indoor environment, such as the environmental comfort of families, apartments, hotels, offices, airports, and other fields. It mainly detects the dust PM2 in the indoor air 5. PM10 temperature, radiation temperature, humidity, wind speed, illumination, noise, carbon dioxide and other indicators.

The design complies with the standard of indoor thermal and humid environment of civil buildings in GB / t50785. It adopts 7-inch touch LCD, which can display data, curve, alarm value, etc. at the same time, and can set storage interval, 30m memory. It can use USB flash disk to export data, and is equipped with special PC analysis software. 

Technical indexes of indoor environmental comfort detector
Parameters / indicators measuring range
PM2. five 0~1000ug/m ³ ±
PM10 0~1000ug/m ³
Carbon dioxide (CO2) 400~5000PPM
Noise 20~140db
Illuminance 0~3000lux
Temperature - 40~80℃
Humidity 0~100RH
Wind speed 0~10m/s
Radiation temperature 0 ~ 100 ℃
Display mode Color 7-inch touch LCD
data output RS232 or RS485 or GPRS optional
data storage The memory is 30m, the storage interval can be set, and the USB computer can export data or USB flash disk
calibration Built in calibration function
Use environment Temperature: - 20 ~ 60 ℃ humidity: 0-95% RH (no condensation)
size Length 26.3 * width 16.3 * height 15.5cm (excluding protruding part)
weight Net weight of the whole machine: 3kg
power supply Built in battery charger AC100 and 15000ma- 240V@DC12V
power waste About 15W
authentication CE, ISO9001 quality system certification
Optional function remote control (optional): it can complete the measurement range adjustment of remote control equipment
Optional function Software (optional): stand alone PC data analysis software, cloud platform web data viewing function (GPRS wireless transmission), which can complete data analysis, curve drawing, remote alarm and other functions