ONETEST-100AQ Air Quality Detector-PM2.5,PM10,CO,NOx,SO2,O3

O detector multiparamétrico de qualidade do ar ambiente ONETEST-100AQ é um instrumento abrangente para medir ambientes internos e externos, como apartamentos, hotéis, escritórios, aeroportos, parques, pesquisas florestais, avaliação de impacto ambiental e
  • ONETEST-100AQ Air Quality Detector-PM2.5, PM10, CO, NOx, SO2, O3
  • Summary:
ONETEST-100AQ multi-parameter ambient air quality monitor is a comprehensive instrument for measuring indoor and outdoor environment, such as: apartment, hotel, office, airport, park, forestry survey, ecological environment assessment and other fields of air quality instruments, mainly to detect dust PM2.5PM10temperature, humidity and gas T VOCozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide and so on, and can be equipped with meteorological parameters monitoring.Using 7-inch touch LCD screen, can display data, curve, alarm value and so on at the same time, and can set storage interval ,60 MHz memory, can use U disk to export data, equipped with special PC analysis software.Choose the GPRS function, upload the data to the cloud monitoring platform, realize the data release function.


II. Introduction to ONETEST-100AQ equipment:
air quality monitor is a high-performance multi-parameter air quality detector developed by Shenzhen Wanyi Technology Co., Ltd., based on 15 years' experience in indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring and instrument development, combined with sensor technology at home and abroad. The measurement adopts the third generation light scattering principle of Wanyi Technology to measure the PM2.5PM10, in the environment. The detection of gas concentration uses imported electrochemical and infrared sensors, zero gas generator and standard gas to calibrate the sensor, memory 60 M memory, data can be stored in real time, and exported to U disk to achieve data, curve, automatic drawing for easy analysis.Wanyi Technology Company through ISO9001 and ISO14001 system certification, to provide customers with accurate and easy to use measurement and evaluation equipment.
III. Purpose:
Monitoring and control of particulate matter concentrations 1. indoor and outdoor environments and PM2.5 in open areas
Determination and Assessment of 2. Environmental Air Quality and Dust
Dust and air quality monitoring in 3. diseases and occupational health
Monitoring and Control of PM.25 Dust in 4. Industrial Safety Production
Determination of 5. health and safety in other settings
A Study on the Relationship between 6. Dust and Ambient Air Quality
7. environmental governance, air purification energy efficiency assessment
8. other areas of study for dust and air quality monitoring
  • Innovative features:
1. customizable measurement parameters and measurement range for different occasions,
2. multiple environmental parameters are measured simultaneously and curves are drawn automatically
3. time, real - time measurement of the environment parameters,
4. imported sensors and technology calibration technology, stable and accurate performance,
5. structure considering the principle of aerodynamic, automatic real-time sampling, can be used online for a long time;
6. friendly design makes maintenance easier;
7. optional GPRS wireless monitoring cloud platform to control data anytime, anywhere
8. optional data release function can update and display the LEDLCD display in real time,
9. support custom functions and parameters.
V. Technical indicators of key parameters:
Measurement parameters/function Scope of measurement Measurement accuracy Display resolution Corresponding time (seconds)
P M2.5 ~1000 ug /m3 ±10% 1ug/m3 ≤60 seconds
PM10 ~000 ug/m3 ±10% 1ug/m3 ≤60 seconds
Carbon monoxide (CO) ~20 ppm ±3% ppm 0.01 ≤30 seconds
Ozone (O)3 0~1 ppm ±3% 0.001 ppm ≤30 seconds
Sulfur dioxide (S O)2 0~1 ppm ±3% 0.001 ppm ≤30 seconds
Nitrogen dioxide (NO)2 0~10 ppm ±3% 0.001 ppm ≤30 seconds
TVOC of volatile gases 0-20ppm ±2% 0.001 ppm ≤30 seconds
Temperature -40~80 0.5 level 0.1 ≤5 seconds
Humidity ~100% RH ± RH 3 per cent RH 0.1% ≤5 seconds
Wind speed ~60 m/s ±0.3 m/s m/s 0.1 ≤5 seconds
Direction 0~359.9° ±3° 0.1° ≤5 seconds
Atmospheric pressure 10~1100 hpa ±0.5 hpa hpan 0.1 ≤5 seconds
Display mode Color 7-inch Touch LCD
Signal output RS232 or RS485 optional
GPRS transmission Optional
Cloud platform monitoring optional
Power supply A C100-240V DC12-24V@1A
Built-in battery Built-in rechargeable battery 9000 mA
Accessories and Packaging External battery, power adapter, manual, factory report, portable aluminum case
Tripods Special tripod
Note: Other gas types and ranges are customizable