EST-1000Pro-O3 multi-probe ozone detector

EST-1000Pro-O3 series ozone detector is a portable instrument that can measure a variety of toxic and harmful gases.
1.Product introduction
EST-1000Pro-O3 series ozone detector is a portable instrument that can measure a variety of toxic and harmful gases. It has an innovative and replaceable probe design, which is divided into two parts: the host and the probe. Users only need to change the probe corresponding to the gas type to measure. It adopts high-precision circuit design, the core of which is imported sensor chip. After Wanyi technology development and calibration, signal amplification, calibration and strict testing, it is given out of the factory.

2.Product highlights
1.Aviation plug, plug and play, 1 second identification, can detect dozens of gases, customers can customize various gas probes according to their needs.
2. It has the function of restoring factory settings to prevent misoperation. The built-in memory chip can store 100,000 sets of data and export them to a computer via USB.
3.The instrument is small and light, and can be easily placed in a pocket or bag for the convenience of users.
4. Intelligent design, automatic detection at startup, no operation, convenient zero adjustment and calibration.
5.Support ppm and mg/m unit conversion, external power supply DC5V, built-in rechargeable battery.
6. A sampling pump can be  to facilitate the safety measurement of closed spaces such as pipelines, tunnels and test boxes.
7. This instrument has the function of viewing the weighted concentration values within 1 hour, 8 hours and within one hour, which conforms to the national indoor air quality testing standards.
8. With alarm function, high and low alarm values can be set, two levels of sound and light alarm, and two highlighted LED lights remind users to pay attention when alarming.
3.Technical indicators
product name Multi-probe ozone detector Sensor name ozone
product model EST-100Pro-O3 Sensor model optional
external power source 5VDC/500mA Detection object ozone
Battery type Lithium-ion batteries Detection principle electrochemistry
battery voltage 3.7V (charging limit is 4.2V) Detection mode Diffusion type
battery capacity 1600mAh Detection range optional
Shutdown current 0.1mA precision ±5%FS
Starting current 20mA resolution ratio 0.1
Alarm current 80mA Working temperature -10℃-40℃
the protection grades IP65 dustproof Working humidity 0-95%RH
display mode LCD screen Air pressure range 860-1060hpa
type of alarm Level 2 acousto-optic alarm preheating time 180 seconds
Alarm error ≤ 10% alarm setting value Response time T90≤30S (mostly)
zero drift ≤±2%FS/6h life 2-3 years (in air)
External dimension 135*65*35mm (excluding protrusion) Span drift ≤±5%FS/6h
Overall weight 250g (including battery) repeatability ≤±2%FS


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