Air negative oxygen ion sensor

 1Product brief introduction
Shenzhen anyi Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest manufacturers of anion detector in China, and participated in the formulation of a number of group standards and national standards such as "Air anion detector", "Air Anion Observing Method", "Indoor Environment Comfort detector", "Air anion meter Performance Test Specification" and so on. The company has mastered the core principle of parallel electrode and cylinder electrode measurement, with the core algorithm and a large number of application experience, anyi technology products have been widely recognized by the industry, has been widely used in forestry scientific research, meteorological environmental protection, ecological monitoring, anion product measurement and other fields.
ONETEST-511 series of atmospheric negative (oxygen) ion monitoring sensor is a highly integrated, integration of professional air anion monitoring sensor, stable measurement process, high measurement accuracy, good consistency, is Shenzhen instrument technology co., LTD based on years of research and development experience specifically for indoor and outdoor environment air anion on-line integrated monitoring and launched a device. Comply with various international standards
Measurement parameters: Air-negative (oxygen) ions
outline dimension: 187X45mm
weight: 270g
Zero point calibration: Manual calibration and automatic calibration mode
measuring principle: Coaxial cylinder type capacitance type
measuring range: 0-1,999,000 cells / cm3
accuracy: ±15%
display resolution: 1 / cm3
mobility: 0.4cm2/V. Seconds (customizable)
Ion collector length: 140mm
polarizing voltage: 10.5V
work environment -20~60℃   5-90%RH
mobility: 0.4cm2/V. Seconds (customizable)
presentation of information: RS485/RS232
source: DC5V
Power consumption: Less than 1W
operative norm: Q / WY0011- -2019 negative ion detector
Calibration basis: GB / T 18809-2002 / 2019 General Specification for Air Ion Measurement Instrument
Cloud Platform (selected):, Real-time drawing curve and calculate the average value, data export and other functions


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