Scenic area negative ion monitoring system-years of installation experience to support customization

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Author : ONETEST/ Wanyi
Update time : 2020-07-13 15:12:00

Negative oxygen ions are called "air vitamins" and are positive indicators of air quality. For a long time, the focus of atmospheric monitoring has been on PM10, PM2.5, SO2, O3 and other negative indicators that are harmful to the environment or the human body. Negative ions have also been incorporated into meteorological environmental monitoring in my country.

Negative ion monitoring system installation case

The ONETEST-500XP-3 scenic area negative ion monitoring system uses the "capacitive suction method" principle to detect negative ions and measure the negative ion concentration value in the air. It can collect specific negative oxygen ions in the air and detect their concentration values. It can monitor atmospheric negative ion concentration changes for a long-term, automatic, continuous, and all-weather, adapt to the needs of environmental meteorological monitoring, and meet the requirements of high precision and high stability of monitoring data.

The system is divided into three parts: data acquisition layer, data transmission layer and multimedia application layer.
(1) Equipment monitoring layer: It mainly monitors the negative ions, PM2.5 and PM10 factors in the area closely related to the air freshness index in real time through the host, and uploads it to the Wanyi Technology Internet of Things cloud platform through the wireless transmission module.
(2) Data transmission layer: The data transmission module is part of the ONETEST-500XP-3 scenic area negative ion monitoring system. Its main function is to upload the monitoring data collected by the monitoring equipment to the cloud platform of the Internet of Things in real time, draw the curve, and provide it for users to download and export. Data table and other functions.

(3) Multimedia integrated application layer: the data cloud configuration generated through the IoT cloud platform is pushed to the LED large screen, cloud service center, WeChat public platform login, etc., and the report can be automatically generated on the computer side for the later environment construction Provide the main basis.

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