ONETEST-500XP series online negative ion monitoring system-online measurement and data release of forest negative air negative ions.

ONETEST-500XP-01 Negative oxygen ion automatic observation system is a system device for measuring the real-time concentration and changes of negative oxygen ions, temperature, humidity, dust, harmful gases, etc. in the ambient air, adapting to the busine
Product parameters
ONETEST: ONETEST-500XP series negative ion monitoring system adopts double cylinder capacitive sensor, the data is stable and reliable, and the measurement range is wide.
    El sistema de monitoreo en línea de iones negativos de oxígeno es un sistema de monitoreo automatizado con monitoreo y gestión centralizados de la calidad del aire ambiental y regional de parques ecológicos, parques de humedales, parques de cascadas, parques forestales, reservas naturales, atracciones turísticas en todo el país, que puede monitorear y registrar en tiempo real las 24 horas del día sin interrupción, y transmitir los datos monitoreados a servidores en la nube o pc en tiempo real. También exporta datos y los publica en PANTALLAS LED grandes y bases de datos a través de la Plataforma de Internet de las cosas de servicio en la nube especial del sistema de monitoreo de iones negativos de oxígeno de wanyi technology.
Overall dimensions: Length 28.5 (including protrusion), width 10 and height 11.5(cm)
Weight: About 2.5Kg
Detecting ions: Positive ions, negative ions, temperature, humidity, PM2.5,PM10 (other monitoring indicators can be discussed with our company).
Measuring principle: Cylindrical capacitive inhalation method
Measurement range:
anion temperature humidity PM2.5 PM10
0-2 million PCs /cm3 -2060℃ 0-99%RH 0-1000ug/m3 0-1000ug/m3
Resolution: 1 /cm3 Accuracy: 0.5. Accuracy: 3% RH Sensitivity is 0.1ug/m3. Sensitivity is 0.1ug/m3.
Range gear: Three gears within the range of 0-2 million /cm3 can be selecte.
Migration rate: 0.4 or 0.7cm2/V.Sec is optional.
Data output: Support GPRS, RS485, RS232, wifi, Zegbe and other transmission functions are optional.
Sampling time: 30 times/second
Measurement display time: 3 times/second
Determination accuracy: Better than 10%
Sampling flow rate: 1.3 m /sec
Measurement mode:
Real-time measurement mode (display updates 3 times/second)
On-line measurement mode (data upload once per 10 minutes)
Automatic measurement mode: positive ions and negative ions are measured alternately in a set time. Manual measurement mode: positive ions or negative ions are selecte for measurement.
Zero adjustment: Automatic zero mode or manual zero mode (with automatic zero calibration system)
Fan specifications: Adopt a 4010-size fan,
Life span is more than 50,000 hours.
Wind speed 1.3m/s
  Show: The device is equipped with an independent 7-inch touch LCD screen, which supports multi-channel and multi-parameter input and has a memory of 30m.
Calibration function: The instrument can be calibrated by software or remotely.
Cloud platform data management:
1. The necessary parameters of the embedded software can be set and modified through the computer terminal, such as the geographical location, altitude, time, sampling frequency and other parameters of the monitoring station.
2. When the equipment is automatically protected in case of abnormality, it can give alarm messages, emails, WeChat and other information.
3. It has the function of parameter setting, supports remote configuration, and has the function of running state monitoring and alarm.
4, with the original observation data, quality control data, analysis and processing data warehousing, query, retrieval and other functions.
5. It has the function of generating real-time transmission files according to the specified data format and file naming rules.
6. Support computer/mobile phone /iPad and other devices to view data, draw curves, store data, download and map devices.
7, can be set online measurement interval mode
Working environment: Temperature:-20 ~ 60℃ Humidity: 0-95%RH (no condensation)
DC12V@2A power supply,
Acceptable solar power supply, working current less than 350mA, standby current less than 250mA, and power consumption less than 40W.
Louver box: Waterproof, radiation-proof, high temperature-resistant, anti-aging, fixed height 2 meters, U-shaped fixed thickness 1 mm.
Lightning protection system: With lightning protection module
Timing start: Low energy consumption can be customized to set the switching time.
Dehumidification system: The equipment starts the dehumidification system at the specified humidity to ensure the equipment operation.
Refrigeration system: The equipment starts the cooling system at the specified temperature to ensure the equipment operation and selection.
Display support: Support mobile phones, computers, tablets, multimedia display machines, networked TVs, outdoor LED screens, etc.
Specification for outdoor
LED display screen
Gauge: Default full-color P3 1.35X0.87m (single color screen and double color screen can be customized).
Install the column: Double column height 1.5mm thickness 1mm 4 empty fixed (or custom landscape support)
Power supply: 220V mains or solar energy.
Construction drawing: have


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