MR-50EXP Nuclear radiation detector

MR-50EXP Radiation Detector (Nuclear Radiation) is made of "Geiger technology tube" imported from the United States. It is a new type of high cost-effective multifunctional radiation detector.
1. Product brief introduction
MR-50 model is small, light weight, easy to carry, and can maintain real-time maximum, and can be charged online, is a new cost-effective multi-function ray radiation detector. It is engaged in contact with isotopic or radiation device related staff, production and processing materials, import and export products safety radiation, electronic equipment, personal dose monitoring and other multi-functional radiation safety monitoring instruments. The instrument simultaneously measures α, β, γ and Χ -ray, showing the unit µ Sv / h, mR / h, cps, cpm, Total. Users can set the alarm threshold of dose equivalent rate according to the needs of use. Advanced energy compensation technology is adopted, which makes the MR-50 measurement of different energy rays with good accuracy and meets the needs of different users.
Product color: Black + orange
outline dimension: 151×80×35mm(MR-50)281×80×35mm(MR-50EXP)
weight: 330g(MR-50)  360g(MR-50EXP)
Measuring rays: The α, β, γ and the Χ -ray
sensor: Geiger Technical Tube (diameter 1.75 ″ (45mm) (LND7317)
measuring range: 0.001-100  mR/h    0.01-1000 µSv/h
0-300000  CPM     0-9999X Total
CAL coefficient: Range of 0.01-9999
show: 60mm 42mm large screen LCD LCD high definition display (including various ways and symbol display)
energy range: 20KeV~3Mev
Determination accuracy: ±10%
Sound and light alarm: Sound and light alarm (set the alarm value by oneself, the instrument factory design is 1 µ Sv / h)
Displays the conversion:
The bar chart shows: have
Keep maximum display: have
Operating temperature of the detector: -50℃ to 80℃
source: The 9V battery works for 480 hours under a normal notebook,
Power adapter, AC100-240V / 9V, 500 mA
attestation: CE


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