GM-100 personal dosimeter, radiation dosimeter, gamma dosimeter, X-ray leak meter

With the widespread application of radiation equipment in nuclear power, X-ray equipment, and medical radiology, the requirements of radiation protection have received more and more attention. Citterson is committed to radiation detection and monitoring,
    With the widespread application of radiation equipment in the fields of nuclear power, X-ray equipment, and medical radiology, the requirements for radiation protection are increasingly valued. Wanyi Technology is committed to radiation detection and prevention, and has launched the GM-100 series of personal dosimeters for personal safety protection. It uses an all metal GM counter imported from Russia, which has the characteristics of long service life, stable data, and good consistency, It has also been used by many European and American companies to develop personal dosimeters and other radiation detection instruments.
The GM-100 series personal dosimeters of Wanyi Technology brand can quickly and in real-time detect the hardness of the environment or products β,γ And X-ray, and quickly search for radioactive sources. The alarm threshold and dose mode that can be set by the instrument are more suitable for various radiation protection fields such as medical protection, nuclear power plants, X-ray machines, radiation leaks, etc.
Function/model GM-100A GM-100H GM-100M
Ray type Hard β, γ and x-rays Hard β, γ and x-rays Gamma and x-rays
Detector type Imported metal geiger pipe Metal geiger tube Glass cover leather tube
measuring range 036000uSv/h 0.01μSv/h50mSv/h 0.01μSv/h100mSv/h
Sensitivity Co60 450cpm/mR/h 2100cpm/mR/h 600cpm/mR/h
Energy response 50Kev3Mev 50Kev3Mev 50Kev1.5Mev
measurement accuracy ±15% +6/p ±15% +6/p ±15% +6/p
Sensor life 1X109
unit of measure uSv/hmSv/hmR/h, CPS
Alarm value function Alarm threshold can be set.
type of alarm Sound and vibration
cumulative time 1-9999 minutes can be set
cumulative dose Automatic accumulation, which can be reset manually.
Maximum maintenance Automatically maintain the maximum value.
Curve observation Curve atlas of the last hour, and automatically calculate the maximum and average.
Measurement mode Fast and smooth modes.
language Chinese and English menu
Working temperature -20℃60℃
Working humidity 5%-95%RH (no condensation)
measure 74*58*29 mm (excluding protruding parts)
supply electricity 1 AA dry battery
authentication Test report and CE certification of CMA and CNAS certification bodies.


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